Propane Cyliner Exchange

  Ph. 541-815-5657


Propane Cylinder Delivery & Exchange service for:

  • Outdoor Grilling
  • RVs
  • Construction
  • Special Events
  • Forklifts & Fork Trucks
  • Patio Heaters
  • Mosquito Control Tanks
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Turkey Fryers
  • Portable Heaters
  • Home Heating

Popular Propane Tank Sizes:

  • 20lb
  • 30lb
  • 40lb
  • 100lb
  • Fork Lifts

  • Please call if you don't see your size



Propane Tanks, Bend Oregon

Propane Tank Delivery & Exchange Service, servicing the Bend/Central Oregon Area.

Ph. 541-815-5657

Propane tank delivery and exchange service to your front door or place of business.

Why waste time and gas getting your propane tank refilled when Propane Tanks To You will deliver a filled propane tank and take away your empty tank? Simply place your order on our website or call us and let us know the size of the tank and where you will leave the empty.  For orders placed by 9 pm we will exchange your empty tank for a full one the next day! We can also set up a regular exchange schedule if you prefer. We can exchange all popular sizes of portable tanks including forklift tanks. The cost for using our service is about the same and often less than the old way of getting your tank filled. As an added bonus, when you order a grill tank (20 lb) from Propane Tanks To You, you will actually receive 20lbs of propane which is 33% more propane than is in the tanks at the cage exchanges.
This is the new way to get your propane. So relieve yourself of the hassle of refilling and place your order today! delivers clean, fully inspected, precision filled tanks right to your front door or place of business.
Deliveries can be made even when you're not there.

Propane tank exchange in the Bend/Central Oregon region. We deliver the tanks where you need them so you don't have to go through the hassle of refilling.

We make it easy – order by Phone (541-815-5657) or Online. We accept payment by credit card or check.


Propane Tanks, Bend Oregon





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